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J80 Worlds has a winner

Generel: After 4 good sailing days we have found a winner. The Spanish have shown big strength during this event and have taken the first 4 places. Best of all is ESP 899 Ignacio Camino who can now call himself World Champion.


08. jul. 2011  Time 19:17 by Ann-Marie Mohr

Race day 4 - Final day 

Generel: Rain is pouring down in Dragør, but that is not stopping the Race comitty to keep the races going. The wind is around 10 knots from east with no big waves. First race of the day, 8th race overall, has just been started with a few early starters to be called back. Stay tuned as I will post the results for the 8th race as soon as they are dilivered to the race office...


08. jul. 2011  Time 11:16 by Ann-Marie Mohr

Race day 3 - 2 more races are in the box

Generel: After another slow start another 2 races have been finished in Dragør. As I write the boats are on the way to the harbor after a long day on the water. After 6 races the leaderboard has changed. ESP 899 with Ignacio Camino at the helm is now in front with another Spanish yachtsman in ESP 977 Carlos Martinez right behind. Third place is taken over by SWE 243 Ingemar Sundstedt. Yesterdays leader USA 1152 Glenn Darden is now in 4th place.


07. jul. 2011  Time 19:24 by Ann-Marie Mohr

Broadcast on Danish television tonight 

Generel: Today the Danish TV2 Lorry was at the venue. The took great photos and interviews with the sailors. Tonight at around 19.30 they will broadcast the story on TV2. If possible we will put it up on the site afterwards for all foreigners to see.


07. jul. 2011  Time 15:25 by Ann-Marie Mohr

Race day 3

Generel: Once again the wind is not with us. Through out the course the wind is very unstable and the racees have therefore been prosponed for two hour. Right now we are hoping to get the sailors onto the water for a racestart at 12.30.


07. jul. 2011  Time 10:31 by Ann-Marie Mohr

Still waiting for wind! 

Generel: As forecasted the wind has not been with us today. The races have been prosponed all morning, but as I write this the prosponement has just been shut down with expected start at 14.30.


06. jul. 2011  Time 13:39 by Ann-Marie Mohr

Overall results after Day 1

Generel: Check the results on the web page. They will be updated regularly in the menu under results. Glenn Darden from the US had a really good first day "in the office".


05. jul. 2011  Time 21:30 by Dorte Mølgaard

Photos from the Practice Race 

Generel: Have a look at the web page under images in the menu for the photos taken each day. So far you have a selection of photos from the measuring, weighing and the practice race. Press "Read More" for link


05. jul. 2011  Time 12:04 by Dorte Mølgaard

Measurement and lunching is on

Generel: Today begin the J-80 Worlds in Dragør outside Copenhagen, and from the early morning the race office has been very busy.


03. jul. 2011  Time 14:19 by Anders Kristensen

UKSA Team Charlottehaven is preparing for the Worlds 

Generel: One of the first J80 teams to arrive to Copenhagen was the UK Sailing Academy “UKSA Team Charlottehaven”. They are sponsored by Charlottehaven Apartment Hotel in Copenhagen, the British Keelboat Academy’s sponsors including X-Ray at 77 and Group Dental, plus a number of generous supporters and suppliers.


03. jul. 2011  Time 09:39 by Anders Kristensen

Sailing Instructions ready for download

Generel: Please click on Sailing Instructions in the menu to the left. Here you can download the Sailing Instructions and attachment A and B. See you in a couple of days in Dragør.


30. jun. 2011  Time 17:28 by Dorte Mølgaard

Do you arrive early? 

Generel: The organizers have had plenty of question, regadring what to do in case you arrive prior to the 3rd of July.


15. jun. 2011  Time 12:22 by Anders Kristensen

Rent a J-80

Generel: If you want to charter a J-80 for the World Championship


16. may. 2011  Time 15:01 by Anders Kristensen

Cabinn easy and cheap hotel 

Generel: The organizing committee has made a deal with Cabinn Hotel after realizing that there is a big need for hotel capacity.


11. may. 2011  Time 11:49 by Anders Kristensen

NOR is ready

Generel: Notice of race is now ready for download. we are looking forward to se you in Dragør.


31. mar. 2011  Time 16:53 by Anders Kristensen

Online registration is open 

Generel: For online registration please click on Entry Form in the menu under Worlds 2011 Entry on the left side of the screen. We look forward to seeing you for a great regatta - we will do our best to make it a memorable event. See you soon.


30. mar. 2011  Time 16:46 by Dorte Mølgaard

Tune up race before the World Championship

Generel: The International Swedish Championship is held in Malmö, only a couple of hours sailing from Dragør, from 29 June to 1 July and therefore a perfect opportunity to prepare for the WC which starts just a couple of days after.


10. mar. 2011  Time 14:15 by Dorte Mølgaard

Get acquainted with Dragør 

Generel: The idyllic harbour of Dragør and the beautiful surrounding area constitutes the perfect setting for this year's World Championship. Get acquainted with Dragør already now by clicking on the attached leaflet written in Danish, English and German.


04. feb. 2011  Time 16:53 by Dorte Mølgaard

Sailing instructions

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